The objectives of the Foundation are:

To inform, to teach the Truth, Goodness and Beauty, and to promote new ideas for the development and harmonization of body, soul and spirit; to improve the quality of life, and to develop the consciousness in harmony with the cosmic laws in this world and in other dimensions; and to conduct all required actions and operations in view of achieving that purpose.

To act in defence of the human soul in order to assert, in human beings, the presence of an internal subtlety that needs to be recognized, protected and developed. The Foundation is concerned about quality of the human being's psycho-mental environment, and acts in view of protecting their spiritual nature, thus helping the individuals to develop or regain the emotional and extrasensory qualities allowing them to better manage life's challenges, and to build a better and more balanced future for the future generations.

To work at restoring the truth about the original cosmic and solar cults.

To maintain Web sites owned by the Foundation, and to perform all actions related or potentially conducive to the objectives above.

The Foundation is registered as a private foundation.